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A few weeks ago I received notification that three of my London photos had been nominated for inclusion in the 10th edition of the Schmap London Guide. I have no idea how this happened, and I assume that someone must have search for photos tagged “London” on Flickr and come across mine.

Anyway, I just heard a couple days ago that all three of my nominated photos had been approved and included in the guide. You can view them by clicking the links below:
I don’t know why they picked the photos they did, because they’re not amazing pictures and really weren’t even some of my best ones.

Still it was flattering, and I was able to pretend for about 30 seconds that I was a real photographer.


Justin and Heather Bland 3/17/10, 6:21 PM  

Wow, congrats! Well done!

Luke 3/18/10, 3:57 PM  


Thanks, I was pretty surprised when I got the email. I was even more surprised when I realized that they weren't actually trying to make me pay them for something.

Anonymous 3/25/10, 4:01 PM  

I have been all over Europe -- except here.

Will 3/25/10, 9:56 PM  

Did they pay you?

Luke 3/26/10, 1:37 PM  


There are a lot of places in Europe I’d like to visit, but I would highly recommend London.

It just overflows with history, from incredible museums which are completely free, to 800 year-old cathedrals you can blindly stumble into, to remaining signs of the London Blitz.

I thought it was pretty sweet.

Luke 3/26/10, 1:38 PM  


I wish…

Basically, I just granted them the rights to use the photos as they did while retaining overall rights myself. All I got in exchange was a little bit of exposure and a pat on the back.

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