Observation #7

I’m not sure what Bill Watterson is doing these days, but unless he’s working on a cure for cancer, it’s not as worthwhile as what he used to do.


MrsDockery 1/6/10, 12:27 PM  

I am in total agreement.

Luke Dockery 1/7/10, 4:25 PM  

You have a good taste in literature.

Alex 1/11/10, 2:41 PM  

I doubt that Bill Watterson intended to become as legendary as he has among his fans when he decided to retire, but his rather untimely departure from syndication made him and Calvin & Hobbes rather immortal. Rightfully so, I'll add.

Luke Dockery 1/11/10, 7:17 PM  


Ya, Watterson is somewhat of a recluse, and if he realized the degree to which he’d become a celebrity, he probably wouldn’t have started the strip in the first place.

It really is a bummer though. Before when Calvin and Hobbes appeared in the comics every day, you knew there would be something worth reading, and with it as the “main course,” the other comic strips were enjoyable as “side items.”

Since then, well, side items on their own just aren’t that satisfying.

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