I Wanted The Braves To Sign Andruw Jones…

…Because he would’ve been really cheap, and I thought he might really turn it around this season.

It’s still really early in the season, and with Jones not playing every day he’s only had 27 at bats, but the numbers so far are impressive: a .370 BA, .778 SLG., and 1.292 OPS.

After his hot start, he may end up having a terrible season (and in fact, his average fell from .435 to .370 after an 0-4 performance last night), but his first 2-3 weeks sure would’ve helped a predictably anemic Atlanta offensive lineup.


Lori 4/28/09, 5:15 PM  

Me too! But I'm hoping I'll end up liking Schafer. I found this link to get a free Braves ticket; probably horrible seats, but nonetheless: https://secure.mlb.com/atl/ticketing/birthday_form.jsp

Luke Dockery 4/29/09, 9:46 PM  


I think Schafer will turn out to be pretty good, but so far, he looks awkward in the field to me.

You never cease to amaze me with your freebies—if I'm in Atlanta anytime soon I'll make sure to take advantage!

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