Observation #4

Twitter is stupid. Unless you’re Han Solo, your life probably isn’t so interesting that I need an update on it every 30 minutes or so.


MrsDockery 2/6/09, 12:21 PM  

Ha. Will's dad uses twitter sometimes. But I would love to see Han Solo's twitter updates.

Angela 2/6/09, 4:23 PM  

My life is of the utmost importance to me... hence my Twitter account.


Luke Dockery 2/9/09, 5:40 PM  


Ha. Ghost writing twitter updates for Han Solo would almost be worth signing up for a Twitter account.


Luke Dockery 2/9/09, 5:42 PM  


My life is pretty important to me as well. I’m generally aware of what’s going on in my life without publishing constant updates of it on twitter though.

Angela 2/10/09, 11:29 AM  

Well, I have a belief that all my friends need/want constant updates on my life because I am so important/hilarious/interesting.

:) Don't go bursting my bubble, please.

Anonymous 2/15/09, 11:24 PM  

Karen agrees with the general theme of your post, and with the same Han Solo exception.

Luke Dockery 2/16/09, 2:45 PM  


As arguably the coolest character in all of fiction, how could you not be interested in Han Solo's Twitter updates?

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