Observation #2

On infomercials, when companies boast about the “space age technology” of a given product, aren’t they really only claiming that they have a technology that was possibly developed as many as 50 years ago?


Bob Walker 9/16/08, 10:36 AM  

LOL. Perhaps John McCain needs to fire back at the "1982" commercial with a "Space Age" salvo.

Will 9/16/08, 1:22 PM  

And it probably means they 'borrowed' that tech from NASA.

Luke Dockery 9/16/08, 1:27 PM  


That, or he could just pay to have the 1982 ad aired extra times in Florida.

Probably making fun of old people isn't the best strategy to win that state…

Luke Dockery 9/16/08, 1:29 PM  


I wish I could remember what this specific product was—but it didn't seem to be nearly cool enough to belong in a space ship.

Anonymous 9/17/08, 8:36 AM  

Well, if you believe the moon landings were a hoax, then we haven't even entered the Space Age yet, so the technology is waaay ahead of its time.

Luke Dockery 9/17/08, 10:06 AM  


That is a very good point.

Though it's pretty well established that we've been to space, right? So maybe we're just not in the moon age yet?

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