I got back from vacation late Thursday night, but I've actually been fairly busy since then and haven't had time to post.

We had a great time on our cruise. Overall, I thought it was a little overrated, but it was definitely relaxing, which is what I was hoping for. For me, the best part was probably getting to visit Chichen Itza:

Me desperately wishing that climbing El Castillo was still permitted.

I'll be out of town again beginning Thursday, this time for our summer youth group trip. I'll try to catch up with blogging next week.


Angela 7/9/08, 4:08 PM  

Looking forward to seeing more pictures from your adventures!

Have a good time this weekend!

Luke Dockery 7/14/08, 11:14 AM  


I might post a few on here, but I plan on putting a whole bunch on Flickr…eventually.

Angela 7/15/08, 12:27 PM  

Do you have an account set up on there? I'm under asfrederick.

Luke Dockery 7/16/08, 8:56 AM  


I've had an account there for a while, but had just never gotten around to uploading any photos.

I finally took the time to do so after we got back from the cruise, but I exceeded my monthly limit of uploads with old pictures, and only got to put up one picture from the cruise.

So I have to wait a while before I can do more.

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