Away For A While

My blogging will likely be sporadic over the next few weeks.

In a few minutes, I’ll be on my way to Green Valley Bible Camp where I’ll be spending the week as a counselor. This year, I’ll be in a cabin with a bunch of 13-14 year old boys, which is an age group I like well enough.

Generally I enjoy camp, but it’s always exhausting (and seems to get more so every year), so I’m not looking forward to it quite as much as I usually do.

The day after I get back from camp, the wife and I will be making a quick trip to Memphis for my father-in-law’s Retirement Ceremony.

Then back to Fayetteville to work for the rest of the week, and then Friday afternoon we’ll be heading to New Orleans, where we will board a boat and go cruising around the Caribbean for a few days.

I’m betting that will be fun, but honestly, until I’m actually on the boat, thinking of everything I have to do between now and then just makes me tired.


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