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Well, after a dismal start, I ended up doing fairly well in the pools I joined thanks in large part to the Kansas Jayhawks winning the National Championship over the Memphis Tigers 75-68 in overtime.

Of course, depending on how you look at it, maybe it’s Memphis who I should be thanking. The Tigers led by nine with just over two minutes to play, but missed four of their last five free throw attempts which ultimately gave Mario Chalmers the opportunity to tie up the game with a dramatic three pointer as time expired.

I feel particularly vindicated because I picked Kansas to win the National Championship back in January, and (along with a lot of other people) thought Memphis’ poor free throw shooting would eventually catch up with them and prevent them from winning it all.

Incidentally, I can’t stand Memphis head coach John Calipari, and it has annoyed me all season the way he has brushed off the Tigers’ free throw shooting woes as a non-issue. I wonder if he’s changed his mind now.

It was a fun college basketball season, and it was topped off by a great Championship Game.

Now comes my least favorite part of the college season—when a bunch of foolish underclassmen leave school early for the NBA and are never heard from again. Scotty Thurman, anyone?


Anonymous 4/8/08, 10:53 PM  

Just imagine how good that 1995-1996 team could have been if Scotty and Corliss had stayed. Heck, even if just Scotty had stayed.

Luke Dockery 4/9/08, 2:37 PM  

No joke. Imagine Scotty Thurman and Pat Bradley on the floor at the same time spotting up…chills.

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