Dreaming Of Passports

I planned to spend my Spring Break in 2005 in Honduras, but as I made preparations to go, I discovered that I couldn’t find my passport anywhere.

Eventually, after some expense and quite a bit of stress, I was able to get a new passport in time to make my trip, but ever since, even thinking about passports makes me slightly nervous, and I have to check now and then to make sure that I still know where mine is.

Twice recently, I’ve even dreamed about traveling and not having my passport.

In one dream, I was in Greece, and was supposed to travel with some people from there to Egypt, but at the airport, I suddenly remembered that I had left my passport at home. I had to be left behind, which was disappointing (as was the fact that my wife didn’t choose to stay with me), but I remember that my main reaction was knowing exactly where in my apartment my passport was located and being very confused as to how I had made it all the way to Greece without my passport in the first place.

In the second dream, I think I was in Russia and was returning through a security checkpoint when I realized that, once again, I was without a passport. This was confusing again, because I had somehow managed to pass through the same checkpoint without my passport right before. The prospect of being stranded in Russia was more disconcerting to me than being left in Greece, and I was starting to get upset when, in desperation, I opened my wallet to search for alternate forms of identification.

Somewhat surprisingly, but to my great relief, my expired Harding University ID was good enough, and the Russian officials let me pass on through.

I knew I was holding onto that old ID for a reason.


Anonymous 3/11/08, 11:13 PM  

Your dreams are crazy, my friend.

Dr. Burt 3/12/08, 7:24 AM  

Your HU education proves valuable ... even if only in a dream ...

Luke Dockery 3/12/08, 3:35 PM  


I agree, and stressful too.

On another note, how do I know if we're friends or not? Who is this?

Luke Dockery 3/12/08, 3:37 PM  

Dr. Burt,

Welcome to the blog.

It's proven valuable a couple of times in real life as well, but I sure was glad to have the ID…being in the hands of the Russian FSB without a passport wasn't appealing.

Angela 3/13/08, 8:59 AM  

I'm always afraid of leaving passports or tickets behind on a big trip. I triple check everything before I leave the house, and I'm still nervous!

I'm going to Turkey in October, and I have to get a visa when we get to the airport in Istanbul, and I'm nervous that none of that will work out!

Luke Dockery 3/13/08, 7:43 PM  


Ya, stuff like that stresses me out too. I was once traveling with a friend who left his return plane ticket in the pocket on the back of the seat in front of him on the plane.

Ever since then, I've been super paranoid about such things.

Paul Murphy 3/14/08, 2:21 AM  

Passports are stressers. On my 3 week New Zealand trip I kept mine in my pocket the entire time.

Luckily I had my HU id too, so its good toknow if I'd lost my passport I'd be ok.

Jethro 3/14/08, 11:52 AM  

I find it interesting that on the day that I am about to embark on a trip which will require my passport, I read your post about passports. Hopefully I won't get detained. I am not sure how Mexican border patrol compares to the netherworld Russian FSB. Though one teacher was already deported.

Luke Dockery 3/14/08, 6:44 PM  


I probably would've been afraid of getting my pocket picked the whole time. NZ probably isn't too bad about that though.

As far as the HU ID thing, in the dream, they really took it without hesitation, so I don't think you'd have anything to worry about it real life.

Luke Dockery 3/14/08, 6:45 PM  


Avoid going jogging in restricted areas and you ought to be okay.

You should give me a call or something when you get in the states so we can figure out details for next weekend.

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