I’m in the middle (sadly, I’m not quite to the middle yet) of a particularly busy week. In general, I’ve been quite a bit busier since my job changed somewhat at the beginning of the year, which I expected, but this week, everything seems to be piling up.

In addition to my regular work, I have a couple of ongoing projects that I’m trying to finish up, and I have to preach this Sunday, so I’m trying to get ready for that as well. I don’t hate preaching (I don’t love it either), but it is frustrating how much time of preparation it takes for me to produce a relatively short message (my sermons rarely go much beyond the 15-minute mark.). On top of that, the church secretary has the week off, which means I have to do a good portion of her work as well—I spent nearly an hour this morning either on the phone or dealing with people who came in.

If this is all starting to sound like an excuse for what has so far been a miserable failure at living up to one of my blogging New Year’s Resolutions, well, I guess that’s what it is. I’ll try to do better.


MrsDockery 1/23/08, 5:08 PM  

Thanks Luke...you've contributed to my idleness at work once again. Its appreciated. Good luck on Sunday - you could always pull the "song in the middle of the sermon" bit - that seems to make things longer.

Luke Dockery 1/24/08, 9:50 AM  


Thanks. I also appreciate the suggestion. Unfortunately, while my speaking ability is by no means outstanding, it completely trumps my song-leading ability, which is somewhat less than mediocre.

Oh well, for everyone other than the regular preacher, my brevity is considered a good thing.

MrsDockery 1/25/08, 12:22 PM  

You do raise a good point. Somehow I'd forgotten that I used to sit near you in chapel.

Luke Dockery 1/26/08, 11:06 AM  


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