Congratulations Are In Order…

…to my brother, who turned in his dissertation this week.

He’ll still have to make a few revisions and defend it, but he is now one giant step closer to receiving his doctorate in history. Here’s hoping he doesn’t have his future students refer to him as “Dr. Dockery.” That would be highly unfortunate.

I’m already the least educated of the three Dockery children, and now my brother has managed to widen that gap even further.

Oh well. I’ll just have to content myself with the fact that I am younger than him and better at Home Run Derby.


Angela 11/12/07, 6:54 PM  

Congrats to Jared!!

(You had me trying to say Doctor Dockery three times fast- it kept coming out as "Doctor Doctory."


P.S. See you soon!! Some of the family is going to do a 5K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning- are you interested in joining in?

Luke Dockery 11/14/07, 12:36 PM  


I guess he could be "Doc Doc" for short.

p.s. Thanks for the 5K info. I have relayed it to Caroline, and told her she could make the final decision. She said something about sleeping in…

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