Learning to Run

I’ve been running quite a bit lately. Now, when I say “quite a bit,” I don’t mean that in an absolute sense, i.e., “I’ve been running 50 miles a week,” but more in a relative sense—I used to run not at all, and now I run a few times a week.

This recent development has reminded me of two things I had somehow forgotten about running.

First, running is much, much nicer when it starts to get cooler outside. I ran on and off over the summer, and would generally run at night, but even then, it was hot and I hated it. Now though, as autumn begins to break through summer, things are different. The other night I went outside to run and was actually cold. It was a wonderful feeling.

The other thing I had forgotten is that, at least to an extent, the more you run, the more you enjoy it. In general, I don’t like to run. I appreciate the benefits of running, but usually, I dread it beforehand, suffer through the run itself, and then complain about it afterwards.

This has been noticeably better the last few runs. I actually find myself looking forward to running sometimes, and the runs themselves are more enjoyable. And multiple times throughout the day, when I’m not running, my legs get this restless feeling as if they’re yearning for more exercise. It’s a good feeling.

At this point, I am by no means proclaiming myself to be a convert to running, but who knows? I might could get used to this.

* I don’t want to mislead anyone by the picture. Not only is that not me, but I’m not running anywhere near that quickly. At this point, I’m at more of a Wile E. Coyote pace.


Justin and Heather Bland 9/14/07, 5:28 PM  

... the joy this blog brings to my heart is beyond description.

I agree strongly with both statements. Most people that tell me "I hate to run" have never run consistently. They havent given it a shot. I am glad that you are starting to enjoy it more. I highly recommend continuing on this course of action.

I want to hear some of you stats: frequency, duration, intensity... that would interest me greatly. I guess via facebook would be easier.

david mcmahon 9/14/07, 10:12 PM  

Beep-beep, Luke!

Anonymous 9/15/07, 8:42 PM  

Luke that's AWESOME!! I'm getting ready to do my first full marathon in January and I'm totally stoked! Wanna come? Miami...January 28! BE THERE!!

Anonymous 9/16/07, 8:06 AM  

Try running in Houston. Late Oct. - February is the key time. I know how you feel.

Luke Dockery 9/17/07, 3:42 PM  


Right now, I also have motivation to run, as I'm trying to get ready for Club Sectionals.

The real key will be continuing to run after I have nothing to prepare for…

Luke Dockery 9/17/07, 3:44 PM  


Wow, a marathon. Don’t think I’ll be ready for that by January, but I’m still WAY impressed that you’re going to do one!

Good luck with the training.

Luke Dockery 9/17/07, 3:46 PM  


Are you telling me that Houston has even worse weather than Searcy? I didn’t know that such a place existed!

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