A Wasp that can do Brain Surgery?

I don’t usually post for the sole purpose of linking to something I think is interesting, but tonight, I will make an exception.

As a Christian, I am always interested to find occurrences in nature that seem too remarkable to have happened just by chance, without a Creator behind it. This is certainly one of the more remarkable things I have come across.

Apparently, during its reproductive process, the emerald cockroach wasp does what basically amounts to a form of neurosurgery on a cockroach that makes it docile and ultimately suitable as a nest for the wasp’s larva.

But maybe this is no evidence for a Creator at all, and the wasp just decided one day to try and operate on a cockroach after watching an episode of ER.

Yeah, maybe the Cubs will win the World Series this year too.


Kenny Simpson 1/8/07, 10:27 AM  

Good post. Nature has too many "coincidences" to not have a master creater.

preacherman 1/8/07, 3:45 PM  

Cool Post.
I want to thank you for the prayers and thoughts while I was in the hospital.
I love for you to visiit my blog any time.
I enjoy reading your blog as well.

Luke Dockery 1/8/07, 6:55 PM  

I completely agree, and don't really understand how so many people don't see that. At the same time, I do realize that all of my opinions are influenced by the fact that I am a Christian.

I'm very glad you're doing better and are healthy enough to get back to blogging. I will stop by for sure.

Jared Dockery 1/11/07, 11:51 AM  

The reason that you can find no evidence to support your hunch is that I updated the first post and then re-dated it.

My understanding is that TR went hunting in Africa. According to Paul Johnson, Roosevelt returned from his safari in 1910, bringing with him “horns, heads, and skins from 13,000 specimens, ranging from elephants and rhinos to the rare dikdik, an antelope smaller than a jack-rabbit.”

Sam Travaglini 1/12/07, 7:18 PM  

Excellent post luke. It really is amazing how many things (ranging from the small, as in your article, to the huge, as in the universe) people like to attribute to pure chance rather than a Creator when it really is so much easier (in my opinion) to believe that someone must have put all this in place by their own power. But as you said, I don't know how influenced I am by my Christian beliefs. Oh, and the word games are back.

Luke Dockery 1/12/07, 10:13 PM  

Thanks. I'm glad to have a real scientist like yourself behind me.
In other news, I am on my way to your blog to conquer your word games.

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