Think Outside the Bun? No Thanks.

This may come as a shocker to many of you, but apparently, Taco Bell has been using some Less Than Top Notch ingredients.

The number of possible E. coli cases related to Taco Bell restaurants has passed 200 and has ranged across several states, causing many people to think twice before making a “run for the border”, and the share price of parent company Yum! to fall 5.6% over a three-day period.

Jeff Omohundro, a Wachovia analyst in Richmond, Virginia suggested that the E. coli outbreak could lead to a “short-term, although potentially significant negative sales impact at Taco Bell.”

Although Mr. Omohundro is certainly more qualified to give an opinion on this than I am, I agree with him: people do generally try to avoid ingesting potentially lethal bacteria.

On top of the bad publicity and the drop in stock prices, Taco Bell will also undoubtedly suffer from legal expenses as well, as many of the victims have already filed lawsuits.

I might personally feel some sympathy for Taco Bell, if it wasn’t for the fact that they tried to bump me off last week with a tainted chicken quesadilla. I’m virtually certain that my week-long illness had nothing to do with the E. coli cases, but I’m still bitter. After all, I felt so bad that I haven’t been able to update my blog.*

*For those of you about to mention that I rarely update anyway, bite your tongues.


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